Social Media – Do’s And Don’ts! Courtesy Of Tiyo For Business

Your domain plays key role in SEO and is the first task in blogging. SEO is Search engine ranking. When registering a url, there are few stuff you have to consider.

The big take home message for female entrepreneurs and Sentiment and Trend Analysis is, that this is a social media site. So share things that you are interested in, that connects with you, and that you love.

This is only my first point and now we get deeper into what happens as the number of advertisements increases. When I log in to my Facebook or Twitter and see that I have a new message in there, I think “wow, from who”, and open it right away. Only to find out that it and advertisement. Somebody want to sell me something that I did not request or look for in the first place.

When using Social Media as a marketing tool, do not be afraid to block people from your page. While it is rare, there are bad seeds out there that will spend a great deal of time posting things on your page that are inappropriate and offensive to some. Give them a warning first, and block their access if they continue to insure that they do not cause your business harm.

Because Facebook has now become like my second home.I am sharing updates in my page with the readers of my blog and I am also learning many things from them.But if you want to quit Facebook then you can go on with my article.

After all, when we were kids, you might befriend another kid rather quickly who you, just a few hours earlier, might have actually despised. You know, for whatever reason he picked you today to be on his team and included you in some passes. Yeah, he’s alright. He can be a friend.

If after signing off from Facebook on your laptop you go straight way to your mobile then its a great sign of addiction.In that case you should either stop recharging your mobile with Net packs or you should submit your mobile to your parents (For those who are highly addicted & use Facebook even at study time).…

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